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Yes, the big day has arrived! Live Streaming is coming to the Orlando Prophecy Summit—directly from the spectacular Renaissance Seaworld hotel! A few seats remain for the event, but if you can’t attend in person, Live Streaming is the next best thing to being there.

Join us LIVE from the main auditorium on March 28-30, 2014 (Friday-Sunday) where you will hear some of the world’s leading experts on Bible prophecy share the world’s future with us, straight from the pages of the Bible—streamed straight to your computer!

You will hear men like Mark Biltz, the pastor who discovered and has popularized the amazing Blood Moon phenomenon that is sweeping the world. Mark will be speaking just two short weeks before the first Blood Moon arrives in Israel! Are these Blood Moons a sign of an upcoming conflict in the Middle East?

L.A. Marzulli will be with us, fresh off a recent trip to Peru where he has uncovered new evidence of the Nephilim and their "inhuman" DNA! You are going to want to hear the latest news on his "under the radar" trip. Jonathan Cahn, the author of the Harbinger will be joining us once again—always an amazing and moving experience, along with prophecy legend Chuck Missler, one of the world’s keenest, cutting edge minds. Chuck always brings something spectacular to our event. Terry Cook will be there, speaking on the rapid advancements in the “Mark of the Beast” technology and Danny ben Gigi will be sharing hidden secrets from the Bible, secrets that can only be seen through God’s language, the Hebrew aleph-bet.

Gary Stearman has some spectacular new information to share on the rapture of the church—never revealed anywhere before, while Bill Koenig brings us up to speed on the peace process currently picking up speed in Israel. Or is war on the horizon? Bill Salus will address the upcoming conflict between Israel and her immediate neighbors, including the Iranian threat. Russ Dizdar brings us the supernatural side of the world while Doug Woodward is going to talk about the past, present and future of the Red Planet. Popular speakers like Paul McGuire, Cris Putnam and Bill Federer will all be presenting their latest studies and they’re just a click away.

Live Streaming technology has been greatly enhanced and upgraded this year. New technology now makes it much easier to get a crystal clear feed, no matter how slow your connection. We’re excited about these recent advances and want you to be part of an event that will reach tens of thousands of people across the world. For a one-time fee of $50.00 you can join us in Orlando. We will be Live Streaming ALL of the messages from the main auditorium, the best of the conference streamed right into your family room, or directly onto your computer. The picture and reliability we are now able to get with the new enhanced Streaming is truly remarkable.

Even better, in keeping with last year’s successful offer, we’re going to offer a $50.00 discount to anyone who purchases the Live Streaming event—a discount that will knock $50.00 off of the purchase of the full set of conference DVDs, available about 10 weeks after the conference ends.

Here’s the best part. You don’t need to be locked down to your computer for 3 days to hear all these messages. You will have the 3 days of the conference to listen and learn—then another 30 days to view all the messages as many times as you choose.

Just click on the red video ticket, enter your personal information as requested and you are on your way! We may not see you in Orlando, but you’ll see us along with a fantastic group of men, anxious to share the word of God with you.